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Enjoy Shopping with Shop Get It K!

1. Don’t miss coupon events!

Coupon Events will be notified on the magazine and shop.


2. Bulk purchase advantage

Would you like to purchase a specific item together with the fan club friends?
Or do you want to by a certain item in bulk?
Applicable items will have ‘Tier Price’ mark.
Or if you’d like to buy a certain item in bulk, please email us with quantity and date you want it by.


3. When do I use Packages?

Custom packages

When you are buying many items, you can get a discount by purchasing items under customized packages.
However, the remaining amount will not be refunded or reserved, so make sure you buy it amounts under the total price.

Special packages

These are special packages put together by contents and specific issues.
Of course you can buy them individually, but you will get a discount through buying the packages.