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About Get It K


PSR Project Inc. is established to provide online service for cultural exchange and  manufacturing and promoting cultural contents
related design and products . 
Our goal is to provide our vision through “Get it K” as a first step.  

Get it K is a magazine focusing on K-culture.
It’s a magazine with blog which allows its users from all over the world to actively and directly participate in creating and sharing their contents.
Our multi language service will be the foundation for cultural exchange.

SHOP.Get it K is a global online hub for K-products.
It will be the hub which will connect the needs of the fans from all over the world to the Korean domestic companies
that wants to expand through the optimal IT environment for online transaction.  

Brand Get it K is a design management  for K-artists.
We can provide very special experience to our users with the concepts and content stories about the K-stars. 

All of us at PSR Project Inc. value our work and service we provide and continuously improve the experience for our users.
We will share our progress and improvements with others to make the industry a better place for our users 


                                                                                                                                                      PSR Project Inc.