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Customer Service


International: Includes all areas serviced by EMS, and usually arrives in 2 to 7 days.
The status of the order can be checked via <EMS Track/Confirm>, using tracking number provided from the email receipt.

Personal Information & Security

Shop Get It K is doing its best to protect personal information.
Shop Get It K does not release personal information of its users without consent; please check out privacy policy for details.

Exchanges & Returns

1. Returns
You may choose to return only unopened items that are in their original packaging and are in good condition, provided you are willing to bear the shipping costs. You may use EMS to return the item back to us. You may not able to return the item if it does not meet the conditions. (You should send the item to the manufacturer, not to Shop Get It K. If you do not write the return address correctly, it may take longer to get a refund.)

2. Defective Items
Cancellation or refund is available for following reasons:
①Free Refund
- Damaged Items (originally or while shipping)
 - Receipt of wrong items/size
Please send us an email requesting the cancellation or refund within 2 days of the receipt of the item, and include the picture of the item, order number, and item condition. When you are approved to refund the item, you should securely pack the parcel. The manufacturer will check the damages and fix the problems.

②Refund with fee: Note the followings.
* Exclusions: following cases are not applicable for free returns
  a. When the material of the product seem to be different
  b. When the color of the product seem to be different
  c. Minor issues such as small scratches, color differences by screen adjustment, wrinkle of the box, undone seam or threads on the item, discoloration of a button and etc.
  d. Size issue (ie. item not fitting well)
  e. Minor differences in the print, space and the color of the logo


Purchases by a non-member: Click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" and fill the form for the checkout. Select "Checkout as Guest" and click "CONTINUE.” If you want to sign up at while you order, choose "Register,” then click "CONTINUE.”
Purchases by a member: type in your email and password to checkout.
For the ease of tracking orders, we suggest signing up for an account.

Payments, Prices, and Promotions

Credit Cards and debit cards can be used for the payment.
Due to exchange rates, discounts and promotions, prices of the products are subject to change. Once the order is submitted, we cannot refund or ask the difference created by the price change – including, discounts and promotions.

Order Confirmation

Non-members: You can receive updates regarding your order via email. 
Members: On top of email updates, you can log onto Shop Get It K and check the status of your order through ‘My Orders’ under ‘My Account.’

Account Modification

Members can modify their name, email, and password from the ‘Account Information’ under ‘My Account.’
If you have multiple addresses, click ‘New Address’ under ‘Addresses,’ and save your addresses in advance for your convenience.