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Elastine Silk Repair Milky Essence [Elastine]

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Product code: HP_2015040204

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Changes dry hair to moisturized!




- Provides moisture to dry hair

- Unsticky texture, full absorption into hair

- Prevents hair damage before using hair dryer


[  Mysterious plant 'Urinaria' along with natural silk protein's 7 ways of intense care ]

7 symptoms of damaged hair

1. Gets snapped

2. Gets static

3. Gets dry and rough

4. Gets discolored

5. Gents tangled

6. Unglossy

7. Split ends



1. Repairs damaged hair

2. Silky smooth hair without getting tangled

3. Keeps moisture balanced

4. Provides nutrition to hair



[ Silk Protein's hair care effect ] 

 Mysterious plant called 'Urinaria' delays oxidation due to active oxygen, removes waste and dus t from hair, protecting hair from contaminants.

 Natural silk protein improves damaged hair and natural moisturizing ingredient called serasin keeps hair moisture balanced.





Apply onto damaged areas of hair after shampoo. 




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