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[OSEQUE] MOST MOIST Oxygen Mask Cleanser

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Product code: OSEQUE-2014112001

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Quick Overview:

OSEQUE Oxygen Cleansing Mask is a "120ml Frothy facial Mask" that releases oxygen into the skin, so your complexion instantly feels brighter and fresher. In 5 minutes or less, this refreshing mask delivers a quick antioxidant blast to perk up the dull and tired skin.





MOST MOIST Oxygen Mask Cleanser




- Deep Cleansing, Reduce blackhead, dead skin, sebum

A clinical test proved the effectiveness of Oseque Oxygen Mask Cleanser in removing blackhead and dead skin cells, brightening skin, reducing pore size, and controlling sebum in one step.

- Moisturizing

it produces bubbles to gently hydrate and deep cleanse dead skin cells, sebum, and makeup.

Moist 24, African walnut oil, horse oil, astaxantin

Red Effect

- Redclay

From ancient days, red clay has been proven as one of the skin-friendly ingredient minerals that brightens skin.

 - Astaxanthin

Keeps your skin clear, elastic and fight the signs of anti-aging.




-  How to Use -

1. Use this mask oxygen cleanser on a dry face. 

2. Create the smooth foam bubble from the cleanser (use a face net if you have) and spread evenly across your face.

3. Gently massage the face for deep cleansing for a few minutes and allow the foam penetrates to your skin.

4. Rinse with lukewarm water and you're set!


Capacity: 120ml 

Use-by date: 6 months after opened 

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