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Payment Information


Auction iPay (Korea Only)


Auctinon iPay is a payment method anyone can use easily
1. You can order with your Auction ID.
2. You can enjoy the benefits of Auction membership.
3. Mobile order and payments are available.
4. Escrow service is included, so you can pay securely.



Credit Card/Eximbay (Korea and International)


Major payment methods are accepted through one platform.

Supported payment methods


In the payment process, the name and address of the card holder is asked. The order details and card information are checked to make sure they are correct, and in case of problem, we will contact you to confirm your order. The payment platform supports four languages (Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese).
Shop.Get It K does not store payment information, and does its best to protect its customers’ personal information.

❈ If you’re using a Korean credit card, it should support overseas payment.



Bank Transfer (Korea Only)


When you make your payment through the bank transfer, your order will be shipped once the payment is confirmed. If you fail to make the bank transfer within 12 hours of your order, your order can be cancelled. If it shows ‘Pending Payment’ after three hours of making the payment, please contact us via Email or call our customer support (☎ 070-4837-1073).